Derek Lunsford Once Teamed Up With Chris Bumstead for a Killer Back Workout With Coach Hany Rambod

Radha Iyer

Mr. Olympia has churned out some of the most jaw-dropping bodybuilders that fitness enthusiasts have witnessed. Popular coach Hany Rambod has gotten around to training many of these champions, including Chris Bumstead and Derek Lunsford. The former is the current reigning champion of the Classic Physique category, while the latter is the latest Men’s Open title holder.

A few months ago, the duo teamed up to train together for an off-season routine. Since Rambod coached both of them, it was easy for Lunsford and Bumstead to collaborate and flaunt their friendship with the world. With some intense warm-up in the form of machine lat pull-downs, they started their workout with a bang.

Both Bumstead and Lunsford focused on technique over pushing themselves. Since it was an off-season routine, they had fun while Rambod guided them through each exercise. In total, the duo went through four tasks:

  • Iso-Lateral Lat Pull-down
  • T-Bar Rows
  • Seated Cable Rows
  • Incline Dumbbell Rows

Starting with the iso-lateral lat pull-down, Rambod instructed them to try two different grips: reverse for the first few sets and neutral for the subsequent ones. They then moved on to the T-bar rows to benefit the back muscles. Here, coach Rambod had a useful tip:

“Make sure that you’re being able to bring your elbows back and you’ll be able to contract your last to some degree. If you end up using too much weight, all you’re doing is a shrug.”

The group then performed multiple sets of seated cable rows next. This workout would help their overall strength and posture. Their last workout was a few sets of inline dumbbell rows. This exercise set their back muscles on fire, and while Bumstead and Lunsford took turns performing the routine, they finished strong and satisfied with their one-of-a-kind plan.

Under Rambod’s expertise, the champions could annihilate a killer back workout and inspire other fitness enthusiasts. The popular coach made sure that they didn’t injure themselves and had fun along the way. But they’re not the only titleholders to be trained under him.

Hany Rambod: The Mr. Olympia star coach who took in Derek Lunsford, Chris Bumstead, Hadi Choopan, and many more

Over the years, Rambod has established himself in the industry as one of the elite trainers in the bodybuilding world. While his own bodybuilding career was short-lived, he made sure to push his clients up to the top. With a star-studded clientele, Rambod has only raked up his reviews.

To date, the coach has trained elite bodybuilders like Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Hadi Choopan, Big Ramy, Chris Bumstead, Derek Lunsford, and many others. The titles have only piled up high every year. His USP is his scientific approach and trademark training program that helps bodybuilding veterans shoot through their routines with big gains. Fans love to witness his work, and he often offers suggestions and fitness tips on social media.

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