Fact Checking Policy

At The SportsRush, we’re dedicated to providing factually accurate, unbiased, and trustworthy information to all our readers. Our fact-checking policy ensures that every piece of content we produce meets rigorous standards for accuracy and transparency.

1.) Commitment to Accuracy:
• Every piece of information that is used in any of The SportsRush’s articles needs to be verified by both the writing and editorial team.
• Ensure that the source of information is reliable and always quote the source for the readers to easily consume

2.) Source Selection:
• We prioritize primary sources such as official documents, interviews, or firsthand observations.
• Reputable secondary sources may be used, including established news organizations and expert reports.

3.)Verification Process:
• Content strategy team must verify facts before assigning any article. The Writer must then carry out their own verification before penning down the article. In the final step of verification, the editorial team must check and verify the source of information and ensure that the information is clearly communicated to the reader
• Avoid any rumors or hoaxes and only report rumors if verified by a trusted source.

4.)Regular Reviews:
• We conduct periodic reviews of our content to ensure it remains accurate and up-to-date.

If you find any factual error in any article, please write to us at contact@thesportsrush.com