“Creation of LIV” – Fans React On Recent Social Media Question Of Changing ‘One Moment In Golf History’

Suchita Chakraborty

Golf has been ever-changing since 2022 when LIV Golf arrived. The sport welcomed a league that had unconventional rules and no qualification process. Following that, several debates took place and the circuit received backlash. While some remained loyal to the PGA Tour, a few defected to the big-money league.

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A recent social media post questioned the fans to write their notions about changing ‘one moment in golf history’. As the question popped up, several fans wrote their thoughts and one wanted to erase LIV Golf from the golf memory. What did the golf community write? Let’s find out!

Fans showered their diversified views in an intriguing social media question

The social media post came up from the page of NUCLR GOLF. As soon as the question regarding changing ‘one moment in golf history’ was asked, the fans showered with their various remarks in no time.

A fan suggested removing LIV Golf and undoing the creation of the circuit that shattered the golf world.

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Another empathetic fan wanted to go back in time and stop Tiger Woods‘ 2021 car accident.

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Joining the voice of the previous follower, another cybercitizen joined in to express a similar sentiment.

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A golf enthusiast and fan of Ernie Els wished the golfer to have won the 2004 Masters.

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Amid the empathetic remarks, a fan took a jab at Tiger Woods and wished that the GOAT had never joined the tour.

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A fan hoped that the former NBC announcer Paul Azinger was never appointed to the role.

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One of the golf fans wished that the merger talks between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf had never taken place.

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A Phil Mickelson fan wished that the golfer should have not hit a shot off the driver at the 2006 US Open.

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Another golf fan urged to see Arnold Palmer secure his Grand Slam after winning the 1968 PGA Championship.

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Thus, it is quite evident from the fans’ reaction that many built-up regrets are there which have been gathered throughout the years. Henceforth, as soon as the social media question was asked, they finally found a medium to vent their feelings out.

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