Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals This One Nutritional Food That Helps ‘Boost Your Brain and Heart Health’

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is arguably one of the fittest bodybuilders in the bodybuilding community at the age of 76. Though his Mr. Olympia days are way behind, the former bodybuilding icon still takes his health and fitness seriously. To stay fit and maintain an incredible shape, what is his secret?

Schwarzenegger is not to miss out on hitting the gym regularly, and apart from Arnold, maintains a well-balanced diet. This is his secret sauce to staying fit and healthy. He consumes similar meals on most days, spreading his protein intake throughout breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

However, in his recent newsletter, the Austrian Oak revealed one nutritional food that will help improve your heart and brain health. While there is always a discussion on good and bad foods, there are some foods that have more nutritional benefits than others. This one food item Arnold suggests everyone consume is blueberries. 

“If you want to boost your brain and heart health, adding more blueberries to your diet could go a long way.” 

According to recent research, consuming blueberries regularly in your diet could lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes. It also protects your brain from neurodegeneration, boosts short-term memory, and supports weight loss and maintenance.

“As you age, a recent study suggests blueberries protect the health of your blood vessels, which means improved blood flow, less calcification, a healthier heart, and a lower likelihood of suffering a heart attack.” 

Therefore, Arnold suggests that eating at least one and a half cups of blueberries a day will help you achieve multiple benefits. The best way to consume your blueberries is in the form of a smoothie, a side dish, or even add them to your yogurt. You can also follow Arnold’s routine and add them to your oatmeal bowl.

The former Californian governor once mentioned how including more fruits and vegetables in your diet is the best way forward. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals how transfer effect can work well for your workout

Grinding at the gym also means your gut craving for healthy food. Arnold Schwarzenegger shared that one cannot do away with nutrition when they have a robust fitness plan in place and have suggestions on have to enhance their relationship.

In an edition of his newsletter, he shed light on the wholesomeness fruits and vegetables add to a balanced plate. While it may be difficult to maintain this daily for people pressing for time, he offers a solution to that as well. The key is not to focus on too many things at once. 

Working on putting together a perfect nutrition and fitness plan can be overwhelming and he suggests focusing on one first. In his words, doing two things together might not be better than one, and backed this with a study. 

The findings showed working out helped develop healthy eating habits and how this means improving one thing in life can positively impact other aspects. This psychological effect is called The Transfer Effect. He recommended to start small, like. 30-minute walk. Increasing the pace of this will naturally help to change one’s appetite as well.

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