AAI Announces the 2024 Award Nominees

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For more than 40 years, American Athlete, Inc. (AAI) has presented the AAI award, honoring the most outstanding collegiate senior female gymnast in the country. The AAI award, A.K.A., the Heisman Trophy for Women’s Gymnastics, is an award by coaches facilitated by the AAI.

With 41 winners being announced till now since its inception in 1982, most candidates are eager to know who will take home the award this year. This award has become a symbol of excellence in the world of gymnastics. This year, an exceptional 50 senior female gymnastics athletes were nominated, showcasing the depth of talent in women’s gymnastics. However, how are these candidates selected?

Every year, the head coaches submit a nomination for the candidate or candidates of their choice who they believe deserve this prestigious recognition. Out of these candidates, they later narrow down the list to 6 athletes, from which they declare one as the winner.

The Marketing Manager for AAI, Lisa Ebersole, who has been part of this initiative, says it’s been an incredible journey. The privilege for her to witness how much of an impact this award has created on these athletes is priceless.

“It’s been an incredible privilege to witness and be a part of the impact the AAI Award has on these exceptional individuals over the past 20 years.” 

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The 2024 nominations of the 50 talented gymnasts from various universities in America are as follows:

  • Shania Adams – University of Alabama
  • Alyssa Al-Ashari – Northern Illinois University
  • Courtney Blackson – Boise State University
  • Luisa Blanco – University of Alabama
  • Raisa Boris – Eastern Michigan University
  • Brianna Brooks – Utah State University
  • Aria Brusch – Auburn University
  • Haleigh Bryant – Louisiana State University
  • Chae Campbell – University of California, Los Angeles
  • Audrey Davis – University of Oklahoma
  • Kinsey Davis – University of Nebraska
  • Brooke Donabedian – Temple University
  • Katie Finnegan – University of Georgia
  • Margzetta Frazier – University of California, Los Angeles
  • Gianna Gerdes – University of Minnesota
  • Kylie Gorgenyi – University of New Hampshire
  • Gayla Griswold – Lindenwood University
  • Malia Hargrove – University of Arizona
  • Olivia Hollingsworth – Auburn University
  • Mya Hooten – University of Minnesota
  • Jessica Hutchinson – University of Denver
  • Maddie Johnston – Penn State University
  • Skylar Killough-Wilhelm – University of Washington
  • Angelica Labat – Illinois State University
  • Ellie Lazzari – University of Florida
  • Emily Leese – Rutgers University
  • Andi Li – University of California
  • Lauren Macpherson – San Jose State University
  • Alondra Maldonado – Talladega College
  • Chloe Negrete – North Carolina State University
  • Victoria Nguyen – University of Florida
  • Maile O’Keefe – University of Utah
  • Nya Reed – University of California, Los Angeles
  • Payton Richards – University of Florida
  • Elease Rollins – Brigham Young University
  • Jensen Scalzo – University of Arkansas
  • Hannah Scharf – Arizona State University
  • Sienna Schreiber – University of Missouri
  • Emma Silberman – University of Maryland
  • Ragan Smith – University of Oklahoma
  • Cassie Stevens – Auburn University
  • Mia Takekawa – University of Illinois
  • Megan Teter – Ball State University
  • Lauren Thomas – Iowa State University
  • Hallie Thompson – University of North Carolina
  • Rebecca Wells – Clemson University
  • Chloe Widner – Stanford University
  • Gabby Wilson – University of Michigan
  • Daisy Woodring – Texas Woman’s University
  • Raena Worley – University of Kentucky

Auburn, UCLA, and Florida universities have nominated three candidates each for this year. 

Previous Winners of the AAI Gymnastics Awards

Sierra Brooks was honored with the title of AAI, the nation’s esteemed gymnastics award, in 2023. She has accomplished a lot through her four-year journey in the field by winning honors like Big Ten Gymnast of the Year for consecutive years and three-time Regional Gymnast of the Year.

Previous Winners

2014 – Emily Wong

2015 – Georgia Dabritz

2016 – Lindsay Mable

2017 – Ashleigh Gnat

2018 -Elizabeth Price

2019 – Sarah Finnegan

2020 – Maggie Nichols

2021 – Lexy Ramler

2022 – Natalie Wojcik

2023 – Sierra Brook

In addition, the 2024 winner announcement will be made during the NCAA Championships in April this year. 

Post Edited By:Simar Singh Wadhwa

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