‘Who Knows What’s Going To Come Out Of My Mouth’: Kevin Kisner Makes Broadcasting Debut at the Sentry, Fans Lose Their Minds

Suchita Chakraborty

Kevin Kisner couldn’t qualify at the Sentry after an average PGA Tour season. Last year, he missed cuts in eight PGA Tour tournaments. Yet, the player has uncannily made a comeback. Known for his humor and media presence, Kevin was chosen as a commentator for NBC and this is his first broadcast appearance.

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Moreover, the golfer is popular among fans for his less pretentious and special interview moments. He appeared on Friday at the Sentry, and he’s supposed to help with NBC coverage on Saturday and Sunday. NBC’s TV timings are 4-6 p.m. and Golf Channel will air the game from 8 p.m. As the sight came to the attention of fans, they could’t hold back!

Fans Encourage Kevin Kisner’s New Profession at the Sentry

Fans are happy to see Kisner on television and are quite supportive. Some even think that he nailed it.

Golf writer, Dan Rapaport, thinks that the golfer did an incredible job in his debut on television.

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A post from No Laying Up says that Kisher is natural with his announcement skills and is talented in this work.

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Another golf follower thinks this profession suits him more because he’s blended in smoothly.

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An enthusiast thinks it is awesome to witness Kisner’s commentary at Kapalua Plantation Course.

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A cybercitizen expects Kisner to play competitively but also admits his talent as a commentator.

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A fan made a comparison of Kisner with Zinger and thinks Kisner is better at this role.

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Another fan congratulated Kisner on his commentary as the golfer appeared on the screen.

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A fan stated an inside conversation between Kisner and Brandel in which Kisner warns the media person in a sarcastic way.

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Seeing the reaction of fans, Kisner should definitely give this profession a second thought. Perhaps commentary suits him better and he is naturally gifted in that regard.

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