PlayStation 5 Release Date: A Recent CNBC Interview Suggests That Sony Might Drop The Upgraded Console As Early As 2024

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

The PlayStation 5 has been an undeniable success allowing players to experience the best that gaming has to offer. From blockbusters like God of War Ragnarok to future boundary pushers like Stellar Blade, owners of the PlayStation 5 are going to have a field day playing all of these games that will be published this year and in the future. The power of the PS5 is going to allow the owners to play all modern games for at least 3 or more years to come.

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However, recent rumors about the PS5 Pro and Sony’s take on the PS5’s life cycle caught a lot of fans off guard. CNBC interviewed Serkan Toto of Kantan Games and found out that Sony is planning to release a ‘PS5 Pro’ in the second half of 2024. Toto also mentioned that another reason why they are planning a PS5 Pro release is because of GTA VI and how the game requires a great “piece of hardware” that can give stability to its graphical fidelity.

With this announcement, a lot of people are expecting a cut in the base PS5’s price. Even though it is entirely possible, we cannot guarantee a price drop since the hardware sales for Sony aren’t doing too well. The profit margins are lower than it has been in quite a few decades. In fact, Analysts believe that the hardware sales for the company would still be on a decline despite the PS5 Pro’s launch since ultimately, people are looking for a good console at a cheap price, like the PS3.

What Do We Know About The PlayStation 5 Pro So Far?

The PSVR 2 (Image via Sony)

An insider suggests that the PS5 Pro could release in November 2024 with multiple upgrades over the base PS5. Aside from the usual SSD upgrade, the console might get an AI boost thanks to an integrated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) developed by AMD. There have also been leaks indicating that the upgrades also include RAM and GPU boosts that will make 8K gaming a reality. This would go hand in hand with Sony’s 8k TVs.

As far as price is concerned, Sony is not afraid to increase the money and charge more for good hardware. Judging by previous releases for consoles like the PS4 Pro which was $499 on release, it would be safe to say we are looking at a release price of $599 to $650, maybe even more. The reason for this could be the price of the PSVR2 as well which costs $549. Preparations for the release are now in full force since the dev kits have already been distributed to third-party studios. Hence, 2024 is sure to be an eventful year in gaming one way or the other.

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