Fallout and Magic The Gathering Collab: Bethesda Tease a Possible Collaboration With Popular Trading Card Game Magic: The Gathering

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Bethesda needs no introduction in the gaming community, as they are the creators of successful franchises like Fallout and Elder Scrolls. However, they fell from grace after the Starfield fiasco, which was possibly their most ambitious project. Nevertheless, the studio is already working on multiple projects to regain its lost fame and is also planning on a collaboration with Magic: The Gathering.

Magic: The Gathering is a widely popular trading card game that has a massive fanbase. Apart from boasting of engaging and competitive gameplay, there is also a collection aspect to Magic: The Gathering cards as rare ones can be found on the market for thousands of dollars. Considering the popularity, MTG creators Wizards of the Coast also released a a free-to-play digital collectible card game in 2019. Just like real life, this 2019-released title allows players to build decks with cards from booster packs, in-game achievements, or microtransaction purchases.

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Over the years, Magic: The Gathering has collaborated with several large franchises, including Lords of the Rings. Interestingly, the trading card game has now caught the attention of Starfield’s creators, Bethesda, who recently took to their official X (formerly  Twitter) account to tease the upcoming collaboration. Moreover, while they claimed to reveal more about the collaboration on February 19, 2024, the tweet had the “#MTGxFallout” tag suggesting a collaboration between Magic: The Gathering and Bethesda’s Fallout.

How did Bethesda fans react to collaboration with Magic: The Gathering?

The tweet about Bethesda collaborating with Magic: The Gathering got reactions that the developers might not have predicted. The majority of fans weren’t very excited about the collaboration. Instead, they asked the studio to release Fallout 4 on the current-generation console. Aside from the Fallout 4 inquiries, fans also expressed their eagerness about Fallout 5.

People were also in two minds about the collaboration, as both the games have a different theme. Fallout features a post-apocalyptic theme, while Magic: The Gathering has a fantasy and magical setting. Some of them stated that a collaboration with Bethesda’s other renowned series The Elder Scroll would have made sense, as it is set in a fantasy setting.

There isn’t much available about this partnership yet, so fans would have to wait for Bethesda to officially unveil it in a few hours. Moreover, we would update fans about the collaboration between Fallout and the 2019-released digital card game.

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