Drive to Survive Goes Beyond Max Verstappen- Untold Underdog Storylines Take Center Stage in Season 6

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Amid a rather chaotic last couple of weeks in F1, fans rejoice over the news that Drive to Survive’s season 6 will be released soon. The popular Netflix series focuses on the intricacies of the F1 world. It lifts the curtain and lets fans see the underbelly of the world they adore. The latest season of the series, as reported by ‘Tudum by Netflix,’ has ten episodes, premiering on the 23rd of February. However, the absence of Max Verstappen from the promos has become a cause for concern.

The latest installment follows the 2023 season, which turned out to be a record-breaking campaign for Max Verstappen. He aimed to improve his 2022 performance and did an unexpectedly impressive job. However, it looks like the emphasis will be on the smaller storylines this time around.


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The season opener will focus on Aston Martin and their growing financial issues. Lawrence Stroll wants to do everything in his power to ensure his team’s resurgence, and cameras follow him in his pursuit. The next three episodes capture Nyck de Vries’ axing, McLaren‘s dip, and the battle between Haas and Williams, respectively. Alpine drivers take center stage in episode 5 as their rivalry reaches new heights.

Episode 6 follows Lewis Hamilton as the 7X world champion contemplates his future in F1. The following episodes see a light shine on athletes and celebs investing in Alpine while also focusing on Ferrari bringing Fred Vasseur on board. Episode 9 lays emphasis on Daniel Ricciardo coming back to a driving seat after almost a one-year break. The season finale dives deeper into the rivalry of Mercedes and Ferrari at the end of the 2023 season.

Why isn’t Max Verstappen in DTS season 6?

It is no surprise that Max Verstappen is not the focus of Drive to Survive. In an interview with TIME, he expressed his concerns over the growing marketing-centric moves by the sport’s authorities. He believes the sport is starting to lay emphasis on things that aren’t as important as racing.

Hence, he grows wary of where F1 is headed. With three F1 championships already under his belt, the Dutchman isn’t hungry for any records. Hence, if the dramatization continues, Verstappen will not stick around to experience it.

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Drive to Survive had a massive impact on the sport’s viewership numbers, especially in America. With the earlier seasons detailing Verstappen’s story, the Dutchman saw a huge fanbase form in the US. However, the 26-year-old isn’t a fan of the dramatization of his story. He doesn’t want to hear his story from someone else’s perspective. Furthermore, given the series is essentially a recap of a season, Verstappen feels it is unnecessary for him to be a part of the narrative since he already knows what will happen.

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