2 Weeks After Gifting Lindsay Lohan 60-Pt Jersey, Stephen Curry Shows Excitement for Ayesha Curry’s Role in Her New Movie

Sourav Bose

Stephen Curry continues to play a significant part in an unexpected crossover between Hollywood and the NBA. 2 weeks ago, the 4x champion gifted Lindsay Lohan his 60-point jersey while making the worldwide headlines. Following that, the 10x All-Star has expanded on the connection while showcasing excitement for his wife Ayesha Curry’s role in the Lohan-starred movie.

Mrs. Curry has recently shared the trailer for her upcoming film, ‘Irish Wish’ from her Instagram. With the caption, Irish Wish comes to Netflix March 15,” the 34-year-old announced the details of the new project publicly. It evidently put an end to the long hiatus from her acting career as her followers took notice of the declaration.

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Alike her admirers, her husband became a prominent voice in the comment section. The Golden State Warriors talisman publicly backed his partner. “Ayyyye I know one of the bridesmaids in the movie!!!” the 35-year-old mentioned to display support to his wife.

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Alongside supporting his love interest, Curry’s actions further strengthened his bond with the movie’s lead actress Lohan. The Splash Brother’s close relationship with the 37-year-old recently came to the forefront after the artist paid a visit to a Warriors game. During the home clash against the Atlanta Hawks, she and her husband Bader Shammas embraced the front-row seats. The 2x MVP respected their presence as he greeted the couple ahead of the game.

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Soon after the conclusion of the match, the 2022 Finals MVP expanded on the gesture while showcasing his commendable off-court persona. Despite a heartbreaking home defeat, the Akron-born presented the visitors with his game-worn 60-point jersey. This further showcased the closeness between them as the couple seemingly cherished the gift.

The intersection between entertainment and sports has excited the followers to a large extent. At the same time, it has aided in transcending the influence of the 6ft 2″ point guard beyond the basketball court. Hence, the unique dynamics between the families have remained a particular area of interest since then.

A closer look at the connection between Stephen Curry and Lindsay Lohan


Seven months back, the Hollywood couple welcomed their first child after Lohan gave birth to her son Luai Shammas. In yet another unexpected fashion, they proposed to the NBA couple to become their kid’s godparents. The Curry household agreed to the occasion as it marked a significant juncture between the two households.

Therefore, Curry’s gift held far greater importance as the NBA icon shared a message through his gesture. The backcourt maestro wrote on the jersey, “To Luai, your godparents love you!”. The heartwarming present later became public knowledge as Lohan shared the note through her Instagram story.

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This further puts into perspective how the families have linked themselves together for the rest of their lives. Moments such as this add a heartening aspect to the otherwise competitive sport. With Curry remaining the center of it this time around, the actions set a benchmark for the rest of the league.

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