“I Know Gucci Does Not Support This Message!” – Jannik Sinner Trolled by Fans After Comment on Alfa Romeo Car

Atharva Upasani

Jannik Sinner is the main man in men’s tennis right now. The Italian star won his first-ever Grand Slam title at the Australian Open 2024 and is now unbeaten in his last 15 matches. The 22-year-old followed up on his Grand Slam win, by claiming the Rotterdam Open title. However, it seems that after the win, he has courted controversy and this is due to the way he looks at money.

Jannik Sinner has made $19,579,723 in prize money so far in his career. Also, this includes the $2,536,288 he has made in 2024 alone. Along with earning money on tennis court, the Italian is also sought after in the brand market. Sinner has already signed multi-million dollar deals with Nike, Gucci and Alfa Romeo. Recently, the Italian was talking about his respect for money and how he chooses to spend his hard earned money wisely.

Talking to Vanity Fair, Jannik Sinner admitted that he always checks the price of a product before buying anything. The Italian clarified that he is not stingy but he respects money a lot. The 22-year-old admitted that he works for the money and does not like to waste it. Sinner further added that he only has one car, the Alfa Romeo and has not yet brought any other car.

“Before buying something I always look at the price, always. If I go to a restaurant and the pasta with meat sauce costs much more than the one with tomato sauce, I take the one with tomato sauce. Not because I’m stingy, but because I respect money. The only gift I gave myself is the car (Alfa Romeo Stelvio Q4 Veloce). It’s a nice car, but you don’t think of a Ferrari, a Lamborghini or a Maserati.”

Fans troll Jannik Sinner after his money comments and remind the Italian of his Gucci contract

Jannik Sinner’s comments about not spending money has not gone down well with some tennis fans. The tennis community on X had a field day trolling the Italian for his multi-million dollar Gucci contract. The 22-year-old earns a lot of money from his contract with Gucci and some fans felt that Sinner was being a hypocrite.

Many fans trolled the Italian while some mentioned that his brand Gucci will not share Sinner’s message of not spending money. Jannik Sinner is often spotted wearing Gucci as part of his sponsorship deal.

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While Jannik Sinner is in the form of his life, he will try to avoid these outside distractions. The Italian has a matured head on his shoulder and will look to continue his good form. Jannik Sinner is making big strides in his attempt to be the best player in the world.

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