EA FC 24 Nicolas Jackson Showdown SBC: How to Acquire This Card in Ultimate Team?

Ripan Majumdar

Amidst the hype of the ongoing Future Stars promo, the Nicolas Jackson Showdown SBC is now available in the Ultimate Team. This new challenge gives EA FC 24 fans an excellent opportunity to acquire a new Premier League Striker (ST) for their squads.

The Showdown is a special Ultimate Team promo that significantly improves the stats of two players from rival teams who are set to face each other. The victor of the match gets an additional +2 boost, while both players get a +1 upgrade if the match ends in a tie. The Chelsea striker Nicholas Jackson is the latest to join the Showdown Promo for Chelsea’s upcoming match against Liverpool.

What are the stats of the Nicolas Jackson Showdown card?

The Senegalese forward has a 78-rated Common Gold as his original Ultimate Team card. Although he also has an 84-rated Team of the Week (TOTW) card, fans mostly use it and the base card as fodder for SBCs. However, Jackson now has the 87-rated Showdown, his best in-game card that could either get a spot in a starting 11 or put in a shift as a super-sub.

Stats of Nicolas Jackson Showdown in EA FC 24 Ultiamte Team
Stats of Nicolas Jackson Showdown in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. (image via EA Sports)

There are many exciting cards from the top tier of English soccer, and now fans have access to one more with the release of the Nicolas Jackson Showdown SBC. This newly released card will help those building a competitive Ultimate Team, especially if it’s based on Senegalese and Premier League players.

How to acquire this card in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

The Showdown cards are SBC exclusive, and so is the case with the new Nicolas Jackson item. Fans will have to put together two starting XIs while meeting some requirements to complete the relevant challenge for the new special card.


Chelsea [Price- 51.2K]
Chelsea [Price- 51.2K] (image via EA Sports)
  • The starting lineup should include at least one Chelsea player.
  • The lineup’s overall rating should be higher than 85.

Premier League

Premier League [Price- 82.95K]
Premier League [Price- 82.95K] (image via EA Sports)
  • The starting lineup should include at least one Premier League player.
  • The lineup’s overall rating should be higher than 86.

To assemble the two squads required for the new Nicolas Jackson Showdown SBC, fans will have to spend around 134,000 Ultimate Team coins on the Transfer Market. They could also use fodder or untradable cards to complete the challenge. Besides, users can also participate in Ultimate Team matches to get more coins and cards if they run out of resources.

The 87-rated Nicolas Jackson Showdown is a terrific striker card at a reasonable cost, so we encourage EA FC 24 fans to get their hands on it. Moreover, as an SBC is the only way to get this special player card, fans should complete the relevant challenge before it expires.

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