“I Hate It. I Wanted That to Really Work”: Kyle Busch Disappointed Over Loss of Prime Asset After KBM Sale

Srijan Mandal

Kyle Busch‘s sale of KBM was a voluntary decision, but the sudden closure of his energy drink company was anything but by his own choice. A little while ago it was announced that Busch’s Rowdy Energy brand would be shutting down its operations following law violation in California. Speaking about his disappointment over the loss of his brand Busch expressed how he wanted the business to work.

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Busch mentioned, “Similar to KBM and Rowdy Manufacturing and stuff like that those companies were obviously sold. But Rowdy energy just kind of shut down and closed shop so unfortunately it just didn’t work out.”

RCR added that they were unable to obtain the revised and resold items to maintain them on the shelves. As a result, they decided to let it go and made a business decision not to invest good money into a potentially bad situation.

“So I hate it. I wanted that to really work and be something and heard all about Rowdy Nation telling me how great it was and how much they enjoyed it. And never know maybe we’ll try something else down the road,” The two time Cup Series champion concluded.

Kyle Busch speaks about the legal issues surrounding Rowdy Energy

Further into the interview, he was asked about all of the complaints against his energy drink company and if that played a big impact on his decision to close the business. Thereafter, Busch clarified that they were in fact planning on shutting down the brand earlier last year even before the lawsuits came into play.

He said, “Actually we were talking about shutting it down in April-May something like that. And then all the lawsuits came in December before it closed because we’re just trying to get rid of the rest of the product that we had on stock. So is what it is. We’ll deal with it, legalities are legalities.”

With all of the legal pressure over the brand and them being unable to replace the stock without incurring heavy losses, it might have been the correct decision for the RCR driver to close the brand before it turned into an even bigger liability over time.

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